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Financial News: People Lost Less Yesterday

After this week and the prior week’s Wall Street blood bath, portfolios lost less 4/28/2022 towards the end of the market day. Alibaba (BABA) has been struggling down in the 80’s as questions ranging from questionable accounting practices in Chinese listed stocks to their growth outlook.

Growth outlook seems to be the big topic in the last couple of weeks in fact. Netflix (NFLX) was the first to get fired upon by market analysts. User growth figures and reports suggested they had nowhere else to go (grow) as they have pushed to reach world markets and fight off password sharing.

Amazon reports a net loss that rocks the market. The joke is, what do you expect! Supply chains are/were locked up and at scale, imagine all the items that were not being sold as a result. Amazon relies on the retail scale, it doesn’t work when the items can’t be sold. Beyond the supply chain, inflation fears have people holding back purchases.

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