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Only an idiot would use

I had to perform some recruiting duties today and as it happens I am working with a company that uses exclusively. When asked why, the HR rep said the owner, an old fool, was “used to it”. So, in the world of fast-paced recruiting, what does this mean exactly? It means a web 1.0 kind of old guy things getting resumes in an email as an attachment still works? Sure, if you are going to track candidates and build a database internally, this might work, but honestly, I need to look at 100’s of resumes fast and make choices.

Why Monster Sucks:

  • You can’t ask a series of questions of the candidate to limit inbound junk (Indeed crushes it)
  • What about some compentency testing? (Indeed kills it)
  • Resume review is out of the stone ages
  • Tried to send feedback, the link failed in a 404 error

Don’t use Monster, it’s a waste of time. Use Indeed, ask questions, pre-qualify candidates and stop wasting your time. Don’t be an old person. The world has changed for the better, change with it or die.

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