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The New Yorkian

Judge Again Denies Trump Lawyers’ Request for a Mistrial

The defense lawyers had argued that Stormy Daniels’s testimony in Donald J. Trump’s criminal trial was prejudicial. In denying their motion, the judge said they had opened the door to her vivid descriptions of a sexual encounter. Source: New York…

Tabloid Publisher Describes Deals to Buy Silence at Trump Trial

Lawyers for Donald J. Trump will continue questioning David Pecker, the former publisher of The National Enquirer, on Friday. He has described buying and burying stories that could have damaged Mr. Trump’s 2016 campaign. Source: New York Times

Tabloid Publisher Testifies Trump Asked Him to ‘Help the Campaign’

The jury heard testimony about what prosecutors say was a conspiracy to bury negative news, including a porn star’s claim of a sexual encounter with Donald Trump. The longtime publisher of The National Enquirer will resume his testimony on Thursday. …

Over 100 Arrested at Columbia After Pro-Palestinian Protest

At least 108 protesters were in custody, the police said, after officers clad in riot gear cleared tents from a pro-Palestinian demonstration on campus. More students have arrived to show support and put up new ones. Source: New York Times

Jury of 12 Is Seated in Trump Criminal Trial

Twelve New Yorkers have been chosen to decide the Manhattan criminal case against Donald J. Trump, who is accused of falsifying business records to cover up a sex scandal. Source: New York Times