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Jongro BBQ in Korea Town

Jongro BBQ in Korea Town is the absolute bomb-a-razzi of all Korean BBQ’s in the area. As an avid visitor to the area I’m always looking for something to go just a little further, to make an evening just a little better, for some food that just a little tastier. I found it in Jongro.

You’ll have a hard time figuring out where it is. The restaurant is on the second floor and the lobby area of the building is nondescript. You can’t really see the action from the street. The advice I can give you is upon reaching the Google maps pin, look around. look for people walking into a building that doesn’t make sense. I think there’s a little sign.

So why do I like Jongro and what makes it worth my time and yours? The food and the quality of beef is better. The staff was terrific. The music was great and the floor layout leaves lots of room for people to enjoy themselves. It’s not crowded for diners. The wait can be long and they don’t take reservations for parties less than 6.