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We love live music and the live music scene in NYC. It’s what keeps us alive. Why? Because it’s one of the four or five major “roots” of our culture here along with food, friendly people, and youth.

The Shrine is particularly interesting because unlike many of it’s uptown venue “brothers”, this venue actually has fabulous acoustics. A night at the Shrine recently hosted 3 separate artists, each sounded excellent. I mean the sound quality in the room was really clear from the instruments to the vocals. Of course we give the man at the panel a lot of credit, but you simply can’t fudge a good room that is either well decorated to dampen sound or with enough volume to support big sound. Overall, it was better than most.

Shrine is a multimedia arts and culture venue, founded in 2007 by musicians and music lovers in the music capital of Harlem, USA.p /> We are dedicated to art and culture in all mediums: film, theater, dance, and live music.

Shrine World Music Venue’s mission is to establish a positive creative atmosphere for both artists and audiences from all backgrounds.

The Shrine is primarily a venue for bands to promote themselves and to grow their fan base.

Shrine is an independent live music venue and we only book independent artists, groups and live bands.

Shrine World Music Venue Highlights

We are a flexible arts and culture events space that fits 75 fully seated and 200 standing.
* Hardwood DJ/Dance floor
* Engineering by Ofer Tiberin (of Piano’s, L.E.S.)
* Full Backline with 5 to 6 bands a night
* 1 Cinema-scale projection screen with surround sound
* Full catering kitchen and event planning services
* Full bar
* Full food menu service
* Monthly Art Exhibition