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Hell’s Kitchen

Ah Hell’s Kitchen….

What a colorful history this area of the city has. Back in the day Hell’s Kitchen was, well, a living hell. Night after night you would hear at least one or more gun shots, most likely, someone being shot and or killed. Sirens were not frequently heard, it’s the way it was.

Today’s Hell’s Kitchen is wildly differnt. To the locals, the contrast of past and present is often overwhelming as new restaurants and bars take over 9th Avenue and certain nights of the week crowds of young revelers overwhelm the sidewalks. Property owners over the last 15 to 18 years have seen increases in their values skyrocket as Hell’s Kitchen blossomed.

So what do I do in hell’s Kitchen?


Tacuba – A newer mexican restaurant. Lively and all. Food is like “East Coast” Mexican which tries to appeal to non-mexican by dumbing down the dishes. One feature is their selection of Tequilas and Mezcals. 

Toto Romen – Oh man… What can be said about Toto Romen. It’s good. It’s good enough to have people wait in line down the street for a seat.

Lucky Famous Burgers –  I love this place once in a while. The burgers are like In-and-Out in California for the most part. You can order them however you like with lots of options. The onion rings are the best, don’t miss them.