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There are many incredible things to do in Chelsea, NYC, but the area is hands-down one of the best places in New York to explore art. Aside from all the experimental Chelsea art galleries, food-obsessed folks can enjoy scrumptious meals from restaurants serving rare bites like mac-and-cheese spring rolls. The neighborhood’s nightlife scene is also ace, offering great speakeasy bars as well as dives. Plus, lovers of flea markets can peruse antiques and bric-a-brac at outdoor and indoor markets such as Artist & Fleas. Although the Chelsea gay scene has become commercialized, you can still find some worthwhile gay bars.

How do I get to Chelsea, NYC?

You can take the 1, E or F train to the 23rd Street stop and walk to Ninth Avenue.

What are the most popular attractions in Chelsea, NYC?

You can’t say that you’ve visited Chelsea, NYC without walking the High Line. The verdant, elevated promenade offers great views of the neighborhood—a mix of industrial landmarks and gleaming new structures—and passes through the old loading dock of the former Nabisco factory, which now houses the eateries and shops of Chelsea Market, another one of the nabe’s most popular attractions. During the warmer months, the High Line hosts awesome (and free) events such as live music and dance performances.

Time Out tip:

Salumeria Biellese (29th St and Eighth Ave) is my favorite Italian deli in Manhattan. They make their own meats—everything from guanciale to luganega to lamb prosciutto—which they provide to top restaurants in the country as well as in their humble deli. These guys love food. They have a sandwich called the Valdostano—a chicken parm sandwich made with alfredo sauce. One day, I asked what would be the upcharge if they added a slice of fresh prosciutto. The guy looked at me, saw me for the innovator I am, and said, “Good idea. The whole thing is on the house.” Half a mortadella and provolone sandwich is $5.50. A whole mortadella and provolone sandwich is $5.75. That should be a law in NY.” — Rocky Rakovic

Map of Chelsea, NYC: