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Community Beach Volleyball Pier 25

If you’re stuck in the city on a Saturday from spring to fall and you like to play a little volleyball, you can come out to Pier 25 and play with other community members for free. A $5 donation is requested and usually dropped in a large drinking water bottle at the door to the volleyball pit. You need to also sign in.

The people that stop by and play come in a range in skill. If you’re an advanced player you may want to stop by to meet other advanced players and form a team in one of the many leagues around the city while playing a little ball.

Leagues that play at Pier 25 as of the time of this authoring are:

NYC Socal and Big City Volleyball

As a more advanced player, I drop by more for the social value then the game play. It’s just fun to be having some fun.

Bottle you put your money in