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Local Artists NYC

Peter Galperin
Truly a renaissance man in the NYC music scene. Outside of this live performances, he has a catalog of songs and recordings to include a number of CD’s. He was classically trained and is one of NYC’s assets. He’s hard to catch these days as he puts together his most recent work of passion, BLDZR, now renamed and re-branded as Bulldozer. BLDZR is a musical based on the life and times of Robert Moses. Robert Moses is the single most likely the most important public employee credited with shaping the city of Manhattan and its outer burros. If he does play live it is more than likely for friends and it’s uptown at Silvana at 116th and Frederick Douglas Blvd.

More recently Peter has achieve acclaim for his short music video “The King of You and Me”. Check it out below:

Jukebox the Ghost and/or Narc Twain
So anyone that has been around the music scene here in New York City should know Jukebox the Ghost. You may not know Narc Twain, the twin brother sporting many of the same artists including Tommy Siegel the lead singer.  Their music, reminiscent of ballad rock like early Green Day, is unique and stands on its own with thought provoking lyrics that speak to much of the crap facing a current generation.This is a great band worthy of a visit if you can get a ticket! Recently, their gig at the Knitting Factory for Halloween was sold out in hours. It’s one ticket I really wish I had.

Van Davis
Oh wow, I love these guys. A powerful stage presence and an explosive sound fills the house when they play. They’ve been playing together from some 8_ years. Instrumentals are tight with solid drums and incredible bass support. The vocals are like BOOM!

Zach Jones
Zach Jones is seeming everywhere in the New York local music scene. An accomplished artist himself, I believe he is genius behind a number of bands here in the city. He puts together competent musicians and makes music. For all the above reasons, he’s a hero. As a performer, I live him but the show you see and the music that’s played may very from band to band. My suggestion, get out there and see for yourself. Look for what makes you happy and definitely hit one hist gigs.  You’ll see him out there with his current band, Zach Jones and the Tricky Bits.

Megan Talay
So what is Megan Talay? Well, you just kind of fall in love with her. She’s an incredible guitarist on stage when she wants to crush it. Hasn’t it been for ever since a kick ass woman could work an AX? It’s like Heart all over. Well, not really. Megan’s catalog which includes her early folk phase shows a side of the artist looking for her exact place in the scene. Personally I like the new Talay. Check out the video below of Parent’s house. Its representative of her more recent persona and I like it. Perhaps this new Talay was born as a result of life experiences conveyed in her song, “I Hope Your Band Goes Nowhere”. Whatever the case, if you can catch her live in the city, do it.

Saint Eloise
Here was an amazing new comer to the NYC music scene that I had the pleasure of meeting 2/9. This was the night that “the big storm” closed business early. The weather stopped a number of bands from showing at their performances but not Saint Eloise. Her instrument of choice for this gig was a keyboard. She is a competent musician but even more an outstanding vocalist. Her greatest strength is in her full circle performance as a solo act. I did ask her about her stage name, which I found interesting at the least. She responded, “There’s Lady Gaga, I’m Saint Eloise..”. Ok, I get it. Lady is kinda different than Saint but hey, it’s not work arguing the point, she’s good and worth a show.