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Posts published in “Jews and Judaism”

Contemplating a Canon of Jewish American Films

Two new films remind us that the experiences of U.S. Jews don’t often get the Hollywood treatment. When they do, depictions range from shticky to subtle. Source: New York Times

Why Some Hasidic Children Can’t Leave Failing Schools

Parents who try to withdraw their children from yeshivas over a lack of secular education often cannot do so, hampered by social pressure and a rabbinical court system. Source: New York Times

Why the 92nd Street Y Hired a Rabbi

With antisemitism on the rise, the cultural institution decided to more fully embrace its Jewish identity. Source: New York Times

How Ron Blomberg of the Yankees Saved Rosh Hashana in 1971

Every year as Rosh Hashana approaches, a longtime reporter thinks back to 1971 when he was running out of time and Ron Blomberg, the Yankees’ only Jewish player, came through. Source: New York Times