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Posts published in “Quarantine (Life and Culture)”

The North Fork Has Its Own Market Moment

A steady stream of buyers intent on finding good deals and open spaces during the pandemic has meant record sales and rising prices. Source: New York Times

Old Buildings, New Views

Recent renovations around town have uncovered views of Manhattan that had been hiding in plain sight. Source: New York Times

Should You Renovate the Kitchen Before You Sell?

One outdated room can stand out and hurt a sale. But before you do any last-minute work, set a budget and make sure you finish what you start. Source: New York Times

Selling Your Home in a Seller’s Market

Sorting through multiple bids can be harder than it seems. Choosing the highest offer isn’t always the smart way to go. Source: New York Times

Fending Off the Package Pirates

Are you tired of deliveries being stolen before you have the chance to retrieve them? Outdoor package bins offer a solution. Source: New York Times