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Amazon 4 Star SOHO

We went to the new Amazon 4 Star concept store yesterday seeking a gift buying opportunity and success this weekend.

This is what it looks like inside. It’s a single floor basic lawout

A couple notes for shoppers:

  • It was surprisingly smaller than expected! You’d think it would be 4 floors of department store bliss. I guess 4 stars is harder then we thought to achieve
  • We liked the broad selection converting many friend and family segments. Really good for the disconnected dude that needs great gifts without thinking too much
  • A disproportionate number of kitchen related items? I guess Amazon shoppers really review this stuff 🙂 oh the had an instapot!
  • Book were present, that was nice
  • Alexa Echos and Fire everything are all over the place at remarkably low prices

here are a couple items we saw

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