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Boka Korean Double Fried Chicken Comes to the UWS

Boka Korean Double Fried Chicken?

So why does anyone care about this new upper west side restaurant choice? They care because it’s freaking AWESOME! If you’ve every visited Korea town’s Bonchan or LES’s Boka you know what’s coming, if not here’s a lesson and why you too should be happy….

What is it?
Korean: 양념 치킨; yangnyeom chicken)
Korean fried chicken differs from typical American fried chicken by being fried twice. This results in the skin being crunchier and less greasy. Furthermore, Korean-style chicken is not characterized by the crags and crusty nubs associated with American fried chicken as described by Julia Moskin of The New York Times as a “thin, crackly and almost transparent”.[1] The chickens are usually seasoned with spices, sugar, and salt, prior to and after being fried. Korean fried chicken restaurants commonly use small- or medium-sized chicken, in other words, younger chickens resulting in more tender meat. Afterwards, the chicken is usually hand painted with a brush, to evenly coat the chicken with a thin layer of sauce. Pickled radishes, beer, and soju are often served with Korean fried chicken.

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