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Chase Bank Fails It’s Customers – Mobile

10/31/2023 – New York City

Users across America have reported issues with the newly imposed 2-layer authentication on the Chase mobile client.

Users of the app describe a poorly implemented UI/UX to run through the process. Some users went so far as to criticize Chase as having 3-teir mobile developers. Clearly, it’s hard for Chase to compete with the larger companies for talent and if the application is outsourced, well, they aren’t getting their money’s worth.

The case is interesting because other financial institutions, online banks and fintech seem to have far better user interface flow that really works. For a bank of this size to provide a grossly inadequate process to simply login and use your banking features to conduct business or trade stocks, is outrageous.

One user stated that PayPal blows Chase away, but this person says he still maintains a Chase account.

Another user said they were trying to trade stocks and ran into the poorly designed and implemented 2-layer authentication. This user said they would be moving their account at JP Morgan to Robinhood stating it actually works!

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