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iPhone X, Trump and The destruction of the middle class

Today in the news, Apple officially released its iPhone X and iPhone 8. Over years of smart phone dominance, some would consider their phone a necessity, a factor in their success or the fulcrum of their social existence both as a function of their “image” and their ability to Snap, tweet, Facebook, Linkup with LinkedIn and who knows what else.

While the world, in the opinion of this author, is completely upside down with leaders that are out of touch and sync with the needs of their respective nations and people, Apple arrives today with their contribution that demonstrates a similar complete lack of understanding. The gap widens and right on the forefront is a company that many have come to love. It used to be that a middle class family would consider but not always outfit their household with Apple iPhone gear. In some cases, they’d stretch and get the kids the latest models. Well, the current iPhone X at $1200.00 says we are jewelry. The iPhone 8 does the same thing at ~$900. This takes the middle class from maybe I’ll update to, “hmmmm, that Samsung is looking pretty good”. Perhaps, I can use that Samsung with defective battery I kept to start a fire at the apple store? (this was said in guest)

Tim Cook, Not cool. You don’t have to give away the product to make people happy, but seriously, $1000+ for a phone is abusive.

To go a step further, the device it’s all that and bag of chips. The facial recognition doesn’t even work after you’re in a car accident that delivers massive blows to your face, a time I would definitely wish I have a old school flip phone to call 911.  Bozo





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