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What if we listen and open and it’s another Lysol injection

Credibility goes a long way in politics. When I look at today’s campaign coronavirus briefing and think that the same man a few days ago encouraged the use of Lysol, how do I know it’s time to re-open the economy? Now, of course, who doesn’t want to re-open! Hell, I am ready as anyone.

Let’s say:

  • I took hydroxychloroquine
  • I injected Lysol into a vein
  • I ran out and played a round of golf (cause you know that happened but there was no one to get a photo, they were all on lockdown)

What changed? I’m either dead when my heart slowed down or dies a terrible death via Lysol toxicity.

Can this man open a country? Let’s let our governs do this, they know us and live with us. They should be better suited to open the economies of their state.

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