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8 Spots for the Perfect First Dinner Date

8 Spots for the Perfect First Dinner Date

Picking out a restaurant for a first date can be really, really hard. There are seemingly endless choices and selecting somewhere with the vibe you’re looking plus snagging a reservation can be overwhelming. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite date spots for every category (and type of person) to hopefully make the search a bit more manageable.

Seamore’s Linguine + Clams. 

Seamore’s – If you’re looking for a super laid-back, no pressure weeknight meal, Seamore’s is your place. While the restaurant is seafood-centric with offerings such as Crispy Dogfish Tacos, Poke and Ceviche, they’ve got something for every type of diner here, too, so no sweat if you don’t know what he/she/they likes.


cote - cote_nyc.png
Cote. PC: @cote_nyc

Cote – For a more interactive experience, Cote offers a super stylish take on Korean BBQ centrally located in Flatiron. The butcher’s feast, at $45 per person, is the best way to go here with four cuts of meat, salad, two stews, and more.


sushi seki.png
Assortment of sushi at Sushi Seki. 

Sushi Seki – Sushi Seki, a sushi restaurant with a casual vibe and exceptional fish, is a great place for any sushi-loving date. The Sushi Seki Special changes daily so you’re always in for something new and non-traditional. If your really want to impress your date, make sure to get some spicy scallop hand rolls on the table. It’s also open until 2:30am in case you get a drink and decide you and your date want a late-night bite.



Nix – Nix is a Michelin-starred, entirely vegan and vegetarian restaurant that offers a chic atmosphere well-suited for a date. They serve up dishes that’ll make you forget you ever wanted a burger. The dips, Egg Salad and Yukon Potato Fry Bread are musts.


bar primi.png
Linguine and Clams at Bar Primi. 

Bar Primi – Out of all of our recommendations, Bar Primi is definitely up there in the romantic date night category.  It’s a vibrant, warm restaurant with some of the best pastas around. Plus they have an extensive Italian wine and cocktail list, frosé included!  Make sure to have an order of the ricotta crostino on your table.


Assortment of food at Sessanta.

Sessanta – Sessanta, an upscale Italian eatery in SoHo, is perfect for those who want an intimate yet relatively safe option. That being said, the food here is phenomenal. Adam Leonti’s menu is not to be missed – especially the Artichoke ‘Lasagna’.



Marta – Marta, a Danny Meyer endeavor, serves up paper thin, Roman-style pizza in an inviting setting. The restaurant is set within pristine hotel dining room with a bustling, open kitchen, making it a fun and lively environment for a first date.


bar sardine - barsardinenyc.png
Bar Sardine. PC: @barsardinenyc

Bar Sardine – Bar Sardine is a quaint, quiet gastropub with a kickass burger that’ll definitely impress your date. The drinks, too, are inventive and fresh – they’re famous for their Bloody Marys. Pro tip: sit next to the window for fresh air and people watching. This is the type of spot you’ll want to spend the whole night at.


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