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American journalist Brent Renaud killed by attack in Ukraine: Kyiv police

The police force said Sunday on its official website that Russian troops opened fire on the car of Brent Renaud and another journalist in Irpin near the capital.

Vladimir Putin’s flegrant disregad for the lives of Ukranians and now the clear message that media reports must be stopped to slow the flow of information speaks to his despiration. As the leader of a country where the raping of natural resources and their rights are given to ranking officials, puppets of the state, US sanctions that span the wealth of these Oligarks is LONG OVER DUE!

A couple funny things happening now, the UK, having hussled BREXIT as a means to channel the wealth of Oligarks and other country level theives, masked as anger over inequality within the EU, now finds itself in the middle of a political and ethical quandry. Wait, maybe not, I have an idea, lets cease all the Russian funds we know about!!! That’s a game changer.

The logical next step would be the following:

  • Continue to pressure all Russian wealth with continued sanctions
  • Continue to support Unkraine and even up that support
  • Put Putin and all the money surrounding him in a hole they can’t move from. This will force change. As was mention in media, it might even end Putin.
  • Reprogram the Russian people to better understand the role of leadership and their responsibility to the country and it’s people first, not to themselves and their elite cronies.

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