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Bernie Madoff should die behind bars: prosecutors

Bernie Madoff should die behind bars: prosecutors say.

Bernie Madoff should be left to die behind bars for his “extraordinarily evil” crimes — even if he has only months left to live with kidney disease, US prosecutors insisted in a court filing. The 81-year-old fraudster — whose $65 billion Ponzi scheme was the biggest in history — is seeking “compassionate release”.

“Compassionate release” is funny. He’s safer in prison a bailiff was heard saying at the courthouse. There are thousands if not 10’s of thousands of people that lost large portions of their savings to this fraud.

Let’s look at who he would visit? Let’s look at what he would do?

OK, so his family, no. I am sure they hate him pretty much. Maybe a trip to the Hampton’s one for time, no, he life would be in danger in the Hampton’s, most seriously in danger.

He is safer in prison, he needs to stay there for his own safety.

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