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Hakata Zen is now closed for renovations on St. Mark's Place

Hakata Zen is now closed for renovations on St. Mark’s Place
[Photo by Steven]The gate is down at Hakata Zen at 31 St. Mark’s Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue. The sign says there’s a renovation, with the hope of reopening as soon as possible.The Hakata Zen website is offline, leading to some thoughts that we’re in for a concept switcheroo here. That might not come as a surprise, given the recent turnover here. As previously noted, the restaurant at No. 31 was a Hakata Hot Pot/Zen 6/Sushi Lounge combo since March 2016. A year later, it became Noodle Cafe Zen presents Sushi Lounge & Hakata Hot Pot. (This is ALL on the midterm FYI. This post recaps the switcheroo-ing.)Eventually the space just became Hakata Zen. Meanwhile, the Zen 6 over on Sixth Street became the vegetarian szechuan spot Spicy Moon.We’ll get all this sorted out soon enough!

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