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How your Apple Computer will die and leave you penniless

If you’re an Apple computer user and you’ve been one for a long time, it comes as no surprise to you that when you’re time is up it’s just up.

Through out the history of the company, Apple has consistently provided an excellent user experience for those willing to pay for the added value of fairly decent reliability and work continuity visa vie their operating system MacOS. In more simple terms, when you open/wake the computer or close it, the computer delivers you to where you were or a working state every time.

Now here is the problem with an Apple computer and the company overall. When you buy Apple hardware you don’t just buy a computer, you buy EVERYTHING. This means quality is controlled top to bottom. Apple “makes” the operating system (Actually is derived from BSD so that’s kind of a lie), they make the hardware (not really it’s sourced to specifications where they create and send it to FoxComm which I think now almost is dedicated to Apple hardware). In doing all of this they reward consumers with reliability, something Dell just never figured out. The Dell statement is sweeping but you know what I mean if you every had a Dell delivered that simply sucked.  So the upshot is, the Apple consumer is receiving a market superior product. Read on for the details of you Apple purchase….

When you buy the Apple computer you are offered the opportunity to purchase a 3 year service contract. This is actually in many cases worthwhile. If you have kids, definitely get it. It protects you against many common problems that break a computer. It’s like or rather is insurance. This is not the problem.

Here is the major problem with Apple computer and most all hardware you buy from Apple. As a high-end consumer, you may buy the top of the line Apple gear as I do. I buy here, at this level, because I want the best performance during the life of my hardware. Apple consumers that buy less then the top are sure to later regret their purchase. Why? Because Apple “out-modes” their products with OS updates. Whether it be a phone or a Mac or Macbook, Apple moves forward without you if you are not in the repurchase cycle. Why would you not be in the repurchase cycle? Well, maybe you bought at the top of the line and feel your hardware isn’t dead yet. It’s a reasonable consumer consideration, I mean you bought an i7 with an AMD video card with 1GB RAM you’d think it would still run Sierra for instance. Well, you’d be wrong. New methods of indexing and other OS changes have forced you out. Now, it’s likely your hardware is 5 years old. Guess what, it doesn’t matter. Load a new OS and that hardware will be brought to its knees.

The end analysis
Your Apple computer really isn’t yours, it’s actually Apples computer. You are borrowing it for the time it works for you. At some point in the future, when they deem it necessary to post higher sales numbers or for some other reason, they reserve the right to release a new OS that will out mode you device. If you are stupid enough to install the OS, you you shouldn’t be buying an Apple. One alternative, money is no object. If money is no object, get a new Apple every 4 years and send the old one to the dog as chew toy or a liner for the area they defecate.






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