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Pressure washing around the fountain

Pressure washing around the fountain
[Photo on Nov. 1 by EV Resident]Last Thursday, EV Resident shared the above photo showing a worker applying a fresh coat of paint on the 130-year-old Temperance Fountain in Tompkins Square Park. Several readers quickly pointed out that this was a really bad idea.Per East Village Community Member:This is sad. They’ve essentially defaced the granite of this historic monument in the park. You would think someone in the Park’s Department would be regulating how they “maintain” significant cultural artifacts in our parks. They shouldn’t be painting over stone monuments and fountains.Apparently someone at the Park’s Department realized that this was a really bad idea … an EVG reader shares this photo from this morning, showing a two-person crew on the scene with a pressure washer … with one member of the crew documenting the work…Previously on EV Grieve:Painting around the fountain

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