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Prospect Park spends over $2M to collect human poo

Prospect Park spends over M to collect human poo

With a pricetag this big, these crappers should be made of gold. Prospect Park boosters spent $2.34 million in taxpayer money to install four composting toilets, which will collect human waste that they hope can be spread around the park as fertilizer one day. There’s just one catch. Spreading “humanure” around public spaces is illegal!

If you look at the image below you can see how a self contained composting toilet works. If you consider that visitors to the park are NOT all Vegan or at least veterinarian, this can’t really work. I mean it could work but really, what would you do with it exactly? I know, fertilize the organic gardens on rooftops nearby. Oh wait, could that produce be making into my local organic concept cafe?

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