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Protesters Outside ‘Julius Caesar’ in Central Park, and Laughs Inside

Protesters Outside ‘Julius Caesar’ in Central Park, and Laughs Inside

Just a day after the “Shakespeare in the Park” play was interrupted by protesters who rushed on stage, a few demonstrators picketed, and the production was adjusted to address the episode.

In the YouTube Video below you can see the violence unfold as the protestors “storm” the stage the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. A woman climbs up on to the stage and proceeds to convey a fairly week argument that “this is inappropriate”. After the whole Kathy Griffin  foolishness perhaps she didn’t understand that this feature was a farce, loose comedy, that bares little similarity to Kathy’s ridiculous self promoting publicity stunt. This adaptation of Julius Caesar is allowed some creative leeway, I mean it is technically free.  It’s free like NYC free. So if there are any choice seats after patrons ($500/seat), insiders, friends and family, those of us that stand in the line (sometimes in the rain) can attaing free seats! Unlike the days of Shakespeare, the seating for the masses is in the far upper tiers, man how things change!

Enjoy the video. The references to Joseph Goebbels from the heckler in the cheapest seats, though off color were also entertaining. The mere suggestion that this creative work can be likened to his is, of course, ludicrous. To his point, I do blame the media for the current condition. If we are a country divided, the people really have to step back from their TVs and ask why before acting out to protest or to even shoot. Rights, such as freedom of expression or speech,  are only as valuable as they are useful.

On the subject of TV:
Fox: It’s really a comedy channel that is trying to make inroads into the SNL market space (unsuccessfully). They like to say “fair and balanced”, I swear this is tongue and cheek humor! Judge Jeanine Pirro actually hosts a comedy show promoted as Fair and Balanced news.
CNN: What a joke. They lie for a good story, there is historical evidence. They reveal the locations of our forces (whoops)
CNBC: I don’t really know what they stand for, maybe that’s a good thing.
BBC: It’s a conspiracy! At least I think it is. I listen but I’m not sold.
NPR: Monotone, simple, direct. It’s like you have to trust it because it’s really just the story. Though, you do wonder if the stories they run are cherry picked for a purpose.

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