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Report: Man attacks M15 with a knife on 2nd Avenue

Report: Man attacks M15 with a knife on 2nd Avenue
[Montage via @Pix11]A knife-wielding man attacked an M15 last around 8 on Second Avenue between 13th Street and 14th Street, according to witnesses and multiple published reports. Here’s WABC-TV with some narrative:The seemingly emotionally disturbed man stopped traffic and climbed onto the MTA bus, then began stabbing the front of the bus with some kind of object.Eventually he was stopped and taken down by the bus driver and some Good Samaritans until police arrived.”I opened up the doors and told him listen, you’ve got to get off the bus or get off the bumper,” said the driver, Louis Huertas. “Sure enough he pulls a knife out on me and starts coming after me. After he broke the windshield wiper somebody yelled, ‘yo he put the knife away’. When I asked were they sure, they said yeah he put the knife in his front left pocket. That’s when I went ahead and grabbed him and swung him and threw him on the floor.”And via Twitter…Another crazy day in NYC #unionsquare #mtaselectbus #nyc— katelyn (@vxkatelyn) June 7, 2019 are pending against the bus assailant, per WABC.You can find other reports at CBS 2 and PIX 11.

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