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Traffic lights for the East Houston-FDR-East River overpass

Traffic lights for the East Houston-FDR-East River overpass
Work began at the FDR overpass at East Houston Street back in January 2016 … and one of the most critical elements of this overhaul has finally been addressed with the recent arrival of traffic lights. (The previous Yield signs at the busy intersection seemed to be widely ignored.)EVG contributor Edmund John Dunn shared these photos from Friday. Now, he notes that you can enter-exit East River Park with some certainty, although the walk time is very short …As BoweryBoogie reported in January 2016, the $10 million project called for rehabilitating both the entrance and exit ramps to the FDR Drive and introducing traffic lights in the “half-rotary” traffic pattern.At the time this was considered a rather temporary fix, with the post-Sandy “Big U” project on the horizon. However, that is all on hold at the moment.As for the rest of constantly delayed East Houston Reconstruction project that started during the Coolidge administration, the estimated completion is now Jan. 15, 2018, per the DDC’s weekly bulletin.The DDC started this project in June 2010, reconstructing/replacing combined sewers, trunk main, water mains, catch basins, fire hydrants, sidewalks, etc., etc., along East Houston Street, from the Bowery to the FDR Drive.

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