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Angry Moms Protest NYC Gym for Killing Babysitting Service

Angry Moms Protest NYC Gym for Killing Babysitting Service

Having an on-site babysitter at your local gym, while catching a quick spin class sounds like the perfect combo for many New York moms.

This rings true for three moms who gathered in protest outside the Crunch gym on West 83rd Street last Tuesday afternoon. The women were upset the gym did not give them a timely notice for cutting off on-site babysitters.

Moms claim a group of at least 50 Crunch members who actively use the service were notified via email Friday 18th October that services will no longer be provided as of last Tuesday the 22nd.

Although the turnout was small, these moms did not let the ongoing showers stop them from stating their claim. Amanda Petersen a self-employed mom of three, said her youngest son loves one of the babysitters who recently lost her job after the new plan took action.

“The gym is the only break I get mentally and physically from life. It’s my hour a day where I get to come, take a class or workout and take a break” says Petersen.

Members of the community and other outlets have called the mothers entitled to which they are not happy about. “Fighting for self-care for yourself as a mother shouldn’t be called entitled, that should be something that’s a right for moms”, said Jennifer Thigpen, mother of two.

The moms claim they were given no alternatives and instead were offered three months of free membership, which they say they declined due to having no babysitter on site to care for their kids.

A spokesperson at Crunch states there has been a decline in the usage of babysitting services at the UWS location. However, memberships have spiked, and they have decided to use the area to create more room for members to workout.

Photo Credit: Noelis Ciriaco

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