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More concern for East Village Cheese Shop

More concern for East Village Cheese Shop
[Photo Saturday by Derek Berg]East Village Cheese Shop has not been open since Thursday here on Seventh Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue, prompting concern from its patrons.There isn’t any sign on the door about any type of closure. The shop doesn’t have any social media presence to speak of (a Facebook page still lists their Third Avenue address that they left in 2015). The phone is also out of service.East Village Cheese moved here from Third Avenue in September 2015. By April 2016, regulars started worrying about the shop’s longterm financial health. (See this post.) The place never seemed too busy. There were other quibbles, such as being cash only, the lack of evening hours (they now close at 6:30) and the lack of ambiance (one reader suggested they pipe in some classical music). Several EVG readers emailed me about the shop’s gate being down since Friday. Per EVG regular cmarrtyy:Can’t say I’m shocked if they went out of business. The store was empty or near empty when I was there. And they were also down to one employee — cutting cheese and working the checkout. Seventh Street is not Third Avenue. There’s very little foot traffic … Sad, if they have closed for good.Hopefully that’s not the case… and this is just temporary.Previously on EV Grieve:Concern for East Village Cheese ShopRumors: Duane Reade expansion will take over adjacent storefronts, including East Village Cheese (74 comments)East Village Cheese makes move to 7th Street official[Updated] Work starts on new home of the East Village Cheese ShopLooking at the incoming East Village Cheese shop on East 7th Street

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