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Seminar Series: Homo Sapiens, I Hear You

Seminar Series: Homo Sapiens, I Hear You

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Tonight, A/D/O/ kicks off their year-long seminar series, called Homo Sapiens, I Hear You.

Say what?
Right, ok, so: A/D/O/ is that large corner space on Norman Avenue.
Oh yeah, Norman, the restaurant!
Well, yes, that’s part of it. But it’s also a center for designers, a start-up incubator, and an open community workspace.

And tonight, Friday, January 12th, they’re kicking off a year-long seminar series titled Homo Sapiens, I Hear You meant to “question and re-think humanity’s essential needs; and consider whether the modern practice of design addresses them.

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More from A/D/O on the series:

“Conceived in collaboration with award-winning director of experiences, Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun, the curriculum is framed around American psychologist Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”, which offers a model that defines the needs of human beings – from the most basic functions (eating, sleeping, etc.) to the more fulfilling (self-improvement, practicing sports, etc.). Our seminars will unravel how human needs have developed through history and how they might continue to develop over time.”

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Each month, every month, on the 12th day of the month, A/D/O will host one of these seminars.
Individual tickets are $20 with a full-series pass available for $200 (buy 10, get two free).

More information here.

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