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The 'other' hawk

The ‘other’ hawk
As Goggla first pointed out on Friday, Christo, the red-tailed hawk of Tompkins Square Park, has been seen in the companionship of another hawk while Dora recuperates from an injured wing.The Park’s hawkarazzi have been busy keeping an eye on the new hawk, called Not-Dora (Nora?) or Arod (for the opposite of Dora, plus Arod had an affair with Madonna). Steven shared these photos of the new hawk hanging around the Park…This relationship has possibly been blown out of proportion. To date, Christo and Not-Dora have only been spotted sharing a branch and, possibly, a rat. As Goggla wrote on Friday:Red-tails mate for life and the good news is Dora is alive. She will be released back into the park when she is healed, but that could take some time. What will happen at that time remains to be seen. I’m hoping everything will work out as it should.Previously on EV Grieve:Scandal in Tompkins Square Park as Christo courts new hawk while Dora recuperates

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