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A Roman-inspired flatbread restaurant has opened in the old Dumont space

A Roman-inspired flatbread restaurant has opened in the old Dumont space


A new spot called Montesacro Pinseria Romana is now open in Williamsburg at 432 Union Avenue, very close to the Lorimer L stop. The Italian joint will focus on Roman-style flatbreads, called pinsas, but will also serve cheese, meats, and some staple entrees like pork chops and fresh pastas. Currently, they’re only open for dinner, but brunch and lunch will begin soon.

The original, critically acclaimed Montesacro was launched four years ago in San Francisco by Gianluca Legrottaglie and quickly became a true destination, reviving an otherwise unsavory neighborhood. It was here that Legrottaglie became the first to introduce the restaurant’s namesake pinsa to the United States. He is now reuniting with the team from Aurora Brooklyn (where he got his start) to bring pinsa and the Roman-inspired Montesacro experience to a chic new space in Williamsburg.

“It’s like going back home and making a longstanding dream come true with my friends from Aurora, putting on the plate a piece of true Roman culinary culture,” explains Gianluca. At Montesacro, diners will discover the artfully crafted, light and airy pinsa. Distinctly Roman and similar to pizza, pinsa is created using three different types of flour – soy, rice, and wheat (all GMO-free). This proprietary combination is imported directly from Rome. Once the dough is made, it rises for 72 hours before being stretched by hand with additional rice flour to give it extra crispiness.

Due to its composition and long leavening process, pinsa is lower in fat, lower in calories, and easier to digest than most traditional pizza. With its crispier crust and unique flavor, a pinsa is meant to be savored. The pinsas are all named after hardscrabble working class neighborhoods of Rome, such as the MARANELLA which is topped with fiordilatte, broccolini, spicy pork sausage and stracciatella di burrata.

Montesacro Pinseria Romana
432 Union Avenue; Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Mon-Sat: 5pm–10:30pm

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