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Brooklyn voter guide for the Tuesday midterms

Brooklyn voter guide for the Tuesday midterms


You of course know that Tuesday is election day, so PLEASE go out and vote. If you’ve been paying attention you know there are lots of items on the ballot this time around, including three propositions.

New York Working Families Party recommends voting YES, YES, YES on the measures and we agree. You can see their full list of endorsements on their website.

To see if you’re registered, visit this voter lookup.

To find out where to vote and what’s on the ballot, Who’s on the Ballot.

Gothamist has a breakdown of the three Propositions:

Prop 1 proponents argue that limiting campaign contributions reduces the likelihood that special interest groups with cash to spend can buy politicians, thereby lessening at least the appearance of corruption while simultaneously boosting the influence everyday people have on politics. Further, proponents expect that reforming our campaign finance laws will translate to government bodies that aren’t exclusively populated by independently wealthy people, and include demographics more representative of the constituency….

Proposal 2, meanwhile, centers on the creation of a 15-person Civic Engagement Commission that would put in place a participatory budgeting program across the city by 2020, so people can help decide how the city council spends some of their money….

Finally, Proposal 3 concerns community boards: chiefly, how long members can serve. New York City’s 59 community boards advise the borough presidents and other elected officials, and as things stand, a board member may be reappointed to their two-year terms into infinity. Prop 3 would limit them to four consecutive terms, and further, it would force borough presidents “to seek out persons of diverse backgrounds in making appointments to community boards.” Proponents maintain that community boards should reflect the communities they represent, thus the need for a more representative panel, and to eliminate the possibility that the same few people will continue to sit in their seat forever.

And don’t forget to Flip Your Ballot!

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