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Tips Surge After NJ Family's Disturbing Discovery in Woods

Tips Surge After NJ Family’s Disturbing Discovery in Woods

Tips from all over the East Coast have flooded a New Jersey police department since a family found women’s cut-up clothes in the woods near their home last month, but none have so far helped solve the mystery, investigators said Friday.

Dave Carota’s wife and daughter found jeans, a t-shirt, underwear and a bra in the woods near their Fair Lawn home on March 25, he told He called the cops, concerned they could be part of a crime scene. 

In an interview with News 4, Carota said the clothes looked like dirty laundry.

“It looked like dirty laundry — like someone had taken it all and kind of clumped it together and just tossed it. A ball of clothes,” he said.

The discovery befuddled investigatros from the start. 

“We can’t connect it to anything in town, so we don’t have a crime, we don’t have a victim, so right now we’re holding the clothes with the hope that we’ll find something out,” Fairlawn Police Sgt. Brian Metzler previously told News 4.

“The clothes might have blood on them — they’re old, they’ve been in the woods, it appears, for a number of months,” Metzler said at the time.

Carota said the clothes were all clumped up and seemingly stashed — deliberately — in the wooded area behind his garage. He said his family was unsettled by the discovery, as were his neighbors.

He posted the clothes on social media in hopes that somebody would recognize them. It appears that post has generated many tips, but to this point, no answers. Police have said there’s no evidence of foul play to this point.

Their investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information can call Fair Lawn Police at 201-796-1400.

Photo Credit: Dave Carota

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